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Katarzyna Vedah was born in 1978 in communist Poland.

In 1986, she moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and studied painting at the University of Alberta where she received a BFA degree in Art & Design; she later returned to the U of A to complete a MFA degree in Drawing & Intermedia.

Vedah has exhibited her work in Western Canada and been the recipient of various awards including an Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant. She currently lives in Metro Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

Throughout her artistic career, art has been a means to explore and communicate the human need for connection and belonging, personally and universally. 

Vedah’s work has evolved from being solely a means to self-express, to a tool for self-transformation, to a medium capable of affecting the human psyche. Influenced by eastern philosophy, transpersonal psychology, and quantum physics, Vedah seeks to make art that functions like a mirror, encouraging a contemplative response in the viewer in order to connect to something deeper.


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